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Who will benefit from Home2Work?

Anyone who 

*likes to work in a group

*likes to work alone

*likes to plan their daily


*parents who want or need to outsource teaching

*students looking to start working immediately

*students planning to go to college

Flexible Learning

At Home2Work, we are building a program that allows for flexibility at every turn. We are developing a full high school program that will allow students to explore learning options and achieve their post-high school goals, no matter what they want to do.

Flipped Instruction

Our academic classes utilize a flipped instruction method. In traditional classrooms, students listen to lectures and take notes during class, then practice skills at home.
In a flipped class, lectures, information, and individual practice are accessed at home at a time of day convenient to the student. We meet together once per week in order to practice skills, have discussions, and build collaborative learning skills.


How Do You Fit?

This year we are offering six high school level classes. These classes primarily provide their content online. This allows students to access their material a time that's convenient to them. We meet together once per week. This allows us to work as a group as well as provides accountability for the student. For parents, these classes provide a convenient way to outsource courses they do not wish to teach themselves. Our classes are taught by well-qualified instructors who are veteran home school moms. Easy monthly payments at very reasonable rates allow for budgeting ease.

"Christy is an awesome teacher. She is dedicated to helping my boys thrive in their education."


" Christy's classes are both educational and fun. I like that we are given the opportunity to practice what we learn while still in class. I highly reccommend her class."


"I can honestly say that making the switch from public school to Christy's homeschool program has made a drastic change for the better in my children's education. Not only is Christy dedicated to high quality education, she is also very well qualified to provide it!"


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